Nobody wants to read the manual! Yet because of the complexity of modern DJ gear, properly understanding how your gear works is almost certainly the biggest single thing you can do right now to improve your DJing.

That’s why here at Digital DJ Tips we regularly make comprehensive video manuals and training tutorials for all the most popular DJ gear out there that we feel warrants a full tutorial.

Here you will find over 14 hours of 100% free training for a whole range of DJ gear, produced by our in-house team in the exact same studio where Digital DJ Tips makes its paid-for training.

Each tutorial is 75-120 minutes long, and is designed to be a replacement for the manual that comes with the gear, and each tutorial has a comprehensive index underneath the video listing everything covered, so you can quickly find what you want.

Bookmark this page, come back to it whenever you need it, and enjoy the tutorials!

Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX10 Training Tutorial

Click here to go to the Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX10 training tutorial

Pioneer DJ Opus Quad Training Tutorial

Click here to go to the Pioneer DJ Opus Quad training tutorial

Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ Training Tutorial

Click here to go to the Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ training tutorial

💡 Hey, why is my gear not on this page?

At their most basic, DJ controllers for software are like glorified computer keyboards – they offer controls that, to a DJ, make more sense than the keyboard and mouse, but that’s about it. Understand the software they work with, and you understand the controller – which is why we have hugely popular courses for Rekordbox, Serato and Traktor. Grab one of those and, if you’re new to all of this or need a refresher, our Complete DJ Course, and you’ll have all you need to use your gear properly. (Remember we have detailed video and written reviews of most controllers, too.)

On this page we concentrate on the more complex pieces of kit. Whether it is because the gear can work both with and without a laptop, or simply because of a host of additional features unique to that piece of kit, everything here warrants specialised additional training – still alongside a relevant software course and DJ course as needed, of course.

Denon DJ Prime 4/4+ Training Tutorial

Click here to go to the Denon DJ Prime 4/4+ training tutorial

Denon DJ Prime 2 Training Tutorial

Click here to go to the Denon DJ Prime 2 training tutorial

Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX3 Training Tutorial

Click here to go to the Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX3 training tutorial

💡 Wait, if these are free, why would I buy a DJ course from you?

As a DJ school, we find that often with our students, it’s understanding the gear that holds them back from learning the real skill of DJing – it’s no coincidence that “Gear” is the first of our five steps for DJing success (see our Rock The Dancefloor! book for more about the five steps).

But understanding the gear is not in itself going to make you a great DJ – and by the time you’re ready to jump on board one of our courses and learn those skills with us, we want you to have this nailed! Hence we give this away for free – making it available to everyone, including DJs who don’t need any further tuition because they already have the skills of DJing nailed.

Pioneer DJ CDJ-3000 Training Tutorial

Click here to go to the Pioneer DJ CDJ-3000 training tutorial

Denon DJ Prime Go Training Tutorial

Click here to go to the Denon DJ Prime Go training tutorial

💡 Come on, who would spend thousands on DJ gear and not know how to use it?

Not everyone is able to, or enjoys, working through a manual, especially as no gear comes with a proper printed manual any more. Much of the important info is spread across a downloaded PDF, a “quick start” guide, and endless “addendums”, corrections, and website updates. In these video guides, we do all the work ploughing through that stuff so you don’t have to.

Whether you’re thinking of buying one of these units, you’ve ordered one and are wanting to hit the ground running when it arrives, or you own one and want to be sure you’re using it to its full potential, these tutorials have got you covered.

Numark Mixstream Pro Training Tutorial

Click here to go to the Numark Mixstream Pro training tutorial

💡 So what course should I buy to complement this free training?

If you’re new to DJing, or returning to DJing after a break and you want to get up to speed with how it’s done today, on modern DJ gear, the course you need is our Complete DJ Course. It’s the “course of the book” (and remember you can learn about – and get a free copy of – our book here), and has helped many of thousands of DJs just like you to nail the five big areas of DJing – Gear, Music, Techniques, Performing and Promoting Yourself – fast!

Check out The Complete DJ Course here.