We strive to create a fun, friendly and supportive community on the Digital DJ Tips website, and in our courses, programmes, forums, comments and groups. These rules detail the types of behaviour and activities that are and aren’t permitted in this community. We reserve the right to ban users without notice and without giving reason.

If you think someone has violated these rules or feel threatened or upset by somebody’s behaviour on here, email us giving a brief description of what you think is wrong and where. Please don’t attempt to “police” our community areas yourself, or get drawn in to arguments that are personal of nature.

Remember, we are here to help people achieve their dreams to become great DJs and DJ/producers. Let that guide your contributions and you won’t go far wrong 🙂

Our community rules

  1. Be respectful
  2. Don’t just be polite, be super-polite
  3. Stay on topic
  4. Disagree constructively. Use “in my opinion”, “I think” etc. rather than presenting your opinion as fact
  5. Write in English as well as you can, and don’t swear
  6. Don’t encourage, condone or engage in illegal activity
  7. Do not promote or sell your own products or services. That could also mean posting as a company/using a company name as your display name, or post links to your company or a company you’re affiliated with
  8. If you choose to leave the community, we won’t remove your contributions
  9. We welcome your feedback and suggestions via email or on our Facebook page
  10. Our moderators are carrying out our instructions. Email us if you have any issue with their work

If you have a question about these guidelines, a suggestion, some feedback or are experiencing trouble with the site, do not hesitate to email us and we’ll help you in any way we can.